Camera News: ProsUp News and user reviews

Camera News: ProsUp News and user reviews

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Camera News: ProsUp camera support news and user reviews

Latest camera news about Prosup products such as a camera slider, camera track, camera crane, camera dolly, jib arms –  camera jib, Q-ball, camera remote unit – dashboard, camera mount systems, camera levellers, camera risers and other camera support equipment.

With special thanks to great cameraman such as Jamie Hobbis, Mark Tollenaar, Peter Reese and Duane McCulie for sharing their stories about the Prosup camera equipment products.

Would you like to share your Prosup experience with us and be featured on this page? Please send us images and your story and we will display your story on this page.

810, 2018

Prosup’s TED prominent at Metaltech during science weekend

Prosup's TED prominent at Metaltech during science weekend During the "Weekend van de Wetenschap" (science weekend 6-7 October 2018) the Prosup TED was installed and demonstrated at Metaltech in Weesp. Tango Electronic Drive The TED is the latest innovative product development from Prosup. Tango Electronic Drive is a motorized camera slider / camera track. Over the weekend, young people [...]

1509, 2018

Alessandro Ramadori about the Prosup Gimble

Alessandro Ramadori about the Prosup Gimble Hi, my name is Alessandro Ramadori and I’m a K Grip based in Italy. After several years working in the movie industry, I have finally found the levelling head I was looking for: the Prosup Gimble. Lightweight, fast, fully adjustable and full of different size bolt holes, is the best solution for any [...]

809, 2018

NEW TED – Motorized camera slider introduction at IBC Amsterdam

Prosup introduces new TED at IBC Amsterdam 14-18 september TED - Tango Electronic Drive - a revolutionary motorized camera slider Electronic camera track introduction! At IBC in the RAI Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam Prosup will introduce its newest product the TED - the Tango Electronic Drive. This new motorized camera slider is the latest [...]

409, 2018

TED introduction in Kameramann.de

TED introduced at IBC - Article September newsletter Kameramann.de Original German Press release CaSu / Prosup wird auf der IBC und Cinec seinen neuen Tango Electronic Drive für das Tango Pelicase Kit vorstellen – genannt TED. Gleich nach der IBC wird er lieferbar sein. Nebst manueller Steuerung können auch Positionen programmiert und beliebig oft angefahren werden. End Stopps und [...]

1707, 2018

Camera slider review by Hanno Film: “Good gear man”

Camera slider review by Hanno Film Hannover Camera slider review by Hanno Film from Germany Camera slider review and images from Hanno Film. A film production house in Hannover Germany using the Tango for a location movie in Ilsede Hanno Film just bought the camera slider: Tango Roller by Prosup and is using it [...]

1707, 2018

Camera track review: Cameraman Marco Eisenbarth about Tango Roller

Cameraman Marco Eisenbarth with his Tango roller Cameraman Marco Eisenbarth about his camera track: the Tango Roller German 33 year old cameraman Marco Eisenbarth about his camera track the Tango Roller. Marco lives in Langen between Darmstadt and Frankfurt and is currently shooting a 10-episode series. The Tango Roller by Prosup is being heavily [...]

1607, 2018

Camera support equipment to make your life easier!

Camera support equipment to make your life easier! PROSUP's philosophy 'Make life Easy' ProSup's philosophy is to make your camera life easier. We are professionals with long experience in the engineering and manufacture of camera supports with over 10 years experience in leading companies in the industry such as Sachtler, Panther or Egripment. Under [...]

1107, 2018

Prosup innovative solution for Carbon Fibre Wheels

Prosup innovative solution for Carbon Fibre Wheels Innovative wheel centring rings in aluminium Prosup has been asked by Geric - producer or high performance carbon fiber wheels -  for the development of innovative wheel's hub centring rings out of aluminium. The carbon fibre wheels are made specifically for the automotive top brands enhancing the quality [...]

2306, 2018

Tango slider in rough terrain | Prosups slider is the SUV of all sliders

Tango slider in rough terrain | Prosups slider is the SUV of all sliders Tango slider in rough conditions by Duane McClunie The Tango slider - great stability even under rough conditions! Duane McCulie is is professional DoP / Lighting cameraman based in London and is filming broadcast documentaries, hi-end brand films, commercials, fashion & [...]

1906, 2018

Plover Dolly in action shooting new TV programme Omroep Max

Plover Dolly in action shooting new TV programme Omroep Max Prosup's Plover Dolly in "delicious" enviroment Dutch Omroep Max is working on a new TV programme called Lekkerbek. For Lekkerbek, MAX is looking for special food inventions that the whole of the Netherlands should know about. People who think that their food sensation can [...]

1706, 2018

Tango Slider in action shooting MI VIDA in Spain

Tango slider in action shooting MI VIDA in Spain Currently the movie MI VIDA is shot in Spain. The feature film Mi Vida is about dreams. Dreams that we have dismissed as being 'unachievable' or 'unrealistic'. Or that we have lost in the hectic of everyday life: 'Somewhere we lost our dreams between the groceries, the dishes and the [...]

3005, 2018

Motorised camera slider for professionals – TED (Tango Electronic Drive)

Motorised camera slider - TED: Tango Electronic Drive Motorised camera slider TED Prosup, producer of the highest quality – light weighted camera support systems is introducing TED: Tango Electronic Drive. This motorised camera slider is unique in its kind and totally developed by Dutch owner Eric Steenvoorden in his Prosup development centre in Nederhorst den [...]

1503, 2018

Monopod for Tango Roller

Monopod for Tango Roller by - Prosup Professional Camera Support Article about Monopod for Tango Roller in Professional Production 2018-03 Monopod for Tango Roller If anything was criticized on the Tango Roller, it was almost always the monopods that CaSu / Prosup had to buy itself. Now they are being built by the Italian light stand manufacturer Muraro. The [...]

1501, 2018

Prosup bowl adapter for Mitchell and 150mm – Prosup Camera Equipment

Prosup adapter for Mitchell and 150mm Prosup has built an adapter for its Tango Roller and EJib products to use on 150mm and Mitchell tripods. Actually, both the Tango and the EJib were designed for camera tripods with 100mm ball shell. However, customers have often expressed a desire to be able to use these two everyday turntables on all [...]

2811, 2017

Camera Dolly News: LapTop Dolly # 2 at IBC 2017

Prosup / CaSu unveiled the final version of the new LapTop Dolly # 2 at  IBC 2017 Article in Professional Production 2017-11 (German Article) Prosup/Casu LapTop Dolly #2 - Dolly and pedestal base in one Prosup just launched their next generation of LapTop Dollys which all of a sudden makes this Western dolly the most advanced, state-of-the-art travelling cart [...]

1509, 2017

Camera Grips: Getting to Grips.. With Prosup

Article in Broadcast Film & Video - 2017-09 about Prosup's solutions for camera grip such as the gimble levelling head, power grip, 100 to 150mm adapter, Michell/150mm adapter and Angle Ball Joints. Prosup - always tackling grip solutions Bits and pieces the Prosup way – making life easier for Grips The  Prosup Gimble leveling head is the perfect tool [...]

1009, 2017

Undersling – Unterslung article in Kameramann.de

Undersling - Unterslung article in Kameramann.de Read the article in German magazine Kameramann 2017-09. At the premie of the Tango Rollers by Prosup it was pointed out that you can also use it hanging overhead. Properly Prosup offers now the Undersling (also referred to as the underslung), which can be used very well in every inverted configuration (also on the [...]

809, 2017

Prosup / CaSu Gimble

Prosup / CaSu Gimble Gimble by - Prosup Professional Camera Support: Both for car rigging and generally on everywhere, where a camera must be attached and quickly levelled, the levelling head of Prosup Gimble with its various mounting options is the best solutions for every stage camera man. The Gimble has a tilt range of +/- 15 °, the [...]

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